About Us

LINEA-B.S. Engineering Office Ltd. was founded in 1992, the company has specialized in design, consultation and other engineering office tasks related to the construction and operation of medium-, and high-voltage transmission lines.

Our services expanded with laser survey and LIDAR measurement result processing through the years. In this field we signed a cooperation agreement with FUGRO Aerial Mapping B.V., (Netherlands).Within the framework of this co-operation we are doing survey of wire line systems, and preparation of industry-specific plans.

Our office is developing successively since the establishment. Now we are one of the leading engineering office in Hungary in our specialty. Our company is serving the needs of the clients With uptodate IT and documentary infrastructure and with prepared staff with big professional experience.

Since 2003 we have been working in line with our MSZ EN 9001 accredited quality management system.

We provide professional services in the following fields:

  • Designation of transmission line corridors, authorization process management
    Complex set of activities ranging from preliminary corridor survey to the acquisition of official line permission and entering the transmission line easement into the land register.
  • Elaboration of final construction documentation
    Elaboration of paper-based and digitized plans for crossings and planning application drawings necessary for final construction.
  • Tendering
    Customer supporting activities in public procurement and tender processes related to final construction and material supply.
  • Technological development
    Development and modernization of operational technologies as well as trainings on how to use them efficiently. Technological and economic assessment of the implementation and acceptance of new materials, fittings, insulator sets, towers, processes and technologies. Elaboration of detailed recommendations and concepts.
  • Documentation renewal
    Elaboration and updating of transmission line documentations indispensable to responsible powerline operation and to the fullfillment of the owners’ needs for accurate, detailed, up-to-date information on their existing transmission lines. Digitalization of actual technical and legal conditions.
  • Working out plans for crossings, acquisition of official permissions
    Working out plans of crossings, management of the acquisition of official permissions.
  • Laser survey and LIDAR measurement result processing 
    The laser survey is basicly the replacement of ground geodesy, but it provides much more measured points under much shorter time and with at least the same precision as the geodesy. This technology is suitable for precise and fast geodesy survey of bigger areas and over head line systems. Almost all the industry specific plans can be prepared from the data of the survey. After a precise survey of an area,  the service what we offer is true drawings related to the reality, complemented with high definition photos and videos.